About Ghost Photos

People exit our lives, leaving impressions of themselves at the time of their death, whether that death is literal or figurative. Their presence and absence is felt at the same time, in the form of loss.  People are not cleanly removed from our lives: they leave a ragged outline of themselves where they used to be. Ghost Photos treats the figure as an ambiguous humanoid form—not unlike the popular image of the ghost suggested by paranormal photography—physically cut out of its context with a blade.

The result is a person shaped hole with a jagged edge. The hole left in each photo is filled in by another photo, which lies just underneath, mimicking the process of grief in which we attempt to fill in the hole left by somebody we have lost.

Like an image of an empty chair, or the favourite spot of a lost pet, Ghost Photos reminds us that presence and absence are felt at the same time, as how we define both terms is self-referential.  We only know that there was once a person in the photo because the hole they left is human shaped; their presence is felt by their absence in the photo.   

Ghost Photos

Analogue Collages

Various sizes, ~4 x 6"